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Google analytics says that thousands of people search daily for information regarding collagen on the internet. This means that women (and hopefully many men too) are more and more aware of its importance. To summarize, collagen is the molecule that builds our skin, hair, nails, connective tissue in the joints, and ultimately participates in holding cells together in the entire body. The fact that after the age of 25 the production of collagen in our body drops by an average of 1.5% every year, is sufficient to conclude that we should start adding collagen by the time we reach 25 at the latest if you care for your health. It is definitely up to each individual to decide.


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Dietary supplements with collagen can be found in the form of powders, liquids, tablets and capsules. The results of the studies indicate that food supplements in liquid form are absorbed up to 10x better than all other shapes of supplements. That’s a big plus for Collagen Shot!
As you might know, pure collagen has a very specific taste. There was a time, when I was adding collagen powder into yogurt or smoothies, just to cover the unpleasant taste. Nowadays I simply drink my dose of Collagen Shot first thing in the morning, after I wake up, and then have a good tasty breakfast.”


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When choosing a collagen product, it is important to check how much collagen is in the recommended daily dosage. There are dietary supplements on the market that vary greatly in the daily dosage of collagen. Collagen Shot daily dosage contains 5 g (5000 mg) of collagen and 1.5 g (1500 mg) of MSM. Feel free to compare it to other products.

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When I was developing the recipe for Collagen Shot, my first goal was to combine collagen with MSM. I started using MSM myself more than 5 years ago and quickly noticed major changes to my skin and nails. My nails started growing faster and became stronger and my skin develpoed a more even complexion. I wish I could say that I lost my wrinkles too, but in truth never had them. However, I did notice that my facial skin was getting more and more radiant. My boyfriend Miha says he is responsible for the glow. Lol. My own experience with MSM and the praises I’ve read and heard from all kinds of different users, are the main reasons why Collagen Shot also contains MSM. If you are more of a scientific type here is great article that speaks in favor of MSM.

The following ingredients are also important for your skin, nails and hair: zinc, biotin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamins B3 and B6, vitamin A, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin K

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Just like Tom & Jerry are a inseparable pair, so are collagen & vitamin C. Can you imagine the Tom cartoon? Or the Jerry cartoon?
Me neither. Just as Tom and Jerry need each other, collagen needs the help of vitamin C, when it gets to its absorption in our body.
Lack of vitamin C makes the absorption of collagen significantly weaker. Your options are to take collagen powder in the morning, chew a lemon, eat a kiwi, bite a piece of broccoli, crunch on a Brussel sprout or blend all this together into a (delicious?) smoothie. Alternatively, you can simply choose a dietary supplement with collagen that already contains vitamin C. Thus you do not have to constantly worry about whether your diet contains enough vitamin C.
It is commonly known that approximately 30 minutes after ingesting a vitamin C enriched meal, the body produces about six times more collagen than usual. Amino acids glycine and proline (collagen is very rich with both of them), with the help of vitamin C and zinc trace elements, together form a firm tissue interwoven with elastin fibers.
If we supply the body with enough nutrients, especially vitamin C, our skin will be firmer, smoother and more elastic. To summarize: vitamin C kicks ass!

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The origin of collagen dictates the biggest differences in quality of a dietary supplement end product.
Considering this fact, I immediately knew which ones I would eliminate from my list. The best choice is definitely marine collagen.
Not because I was a vegetarian, but because fish collagen boasts up to 150% proven greater absorption (an excellent scientific article is to be found here). Generally speaking, the reason for better absorption is that fish collagen consists of smaller molecules. Another advantage is its composition. There are several types of collagen available.
For example, type 1 collagen is the most represented protein in the body (up to 80%) and it is also the one responsible for maintaining a youthful skin appearance, and stronger hair and nails. Marine collagen is mainly composed out of type 1 collagen and this is why it the most efficient.

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