Is Liquid Collagen/Protein Safe To Drink Every Day?

The short answer? Yes!

Like other types of protein, collagen can be made into a powder and a liquid form. Many people enjoy taking a liquid collagen supplement because it doesn’t require mixing; it’s better and faster absorbed, easy to consume, and tastes good. Busy adults, people healing from injuries, or those who want an easy nutrient-dense snack all enjoy the convenience of collagen.

Our liquid collagen protein is a complete protein source made of hydrolyzed collagen structure it needs at the time. Collagen peptides, which means it’s fast-absorbing and gentle on your digestive system. It also includes other Vitamins and Minerals that stimulate natural collagen production even more.

Why does that matter? Naturally, collagen itself is a pretty large protein. And, depending on your current health, it can be difficult for the body to digest. Hydrolyzing collagen is a process that breaks down the amino acids into smaller, more manageable pieces. Once digested, the body can take these pieces and build them into whatever collagen structure it needs at the time.

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