Other active substances

When I was developing the recipe for Collagen Shot, my first goal was to combine collagen with MSM. I started using MSM myself more than 5 years ago and quickly noticed major changes to my skin and nails. My nails started growing faster and became stronger and my skin develpoed a more even complexion. I wish I could say that I lost my wrinkles too, but in truth never had them. However, I did notice that my facial skin was getting more and more radiant. My boyfriend Miha says he is responsible for the glow. Lol. My own experience with MSM and the praises I’ve read and heard from all kinds of different users, are the main reasons why Collagen Shot also contains MSM. If you are more of a scientific type here is great article that speaks in favor of MSM.

The following ingredients are also important for your skin, nails and hair: zinc, biotin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamins B3 and B6, vitamin A, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin K

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