Vitamin C supplement

Just like Tom & Jerry are a inseparable pair, so are collagen & vitamin C. Can you imagine the Tom cartoon? Or the Jerry cartoon?
Me neither. Just as Tom and Jerry need each other, collagen needs the help of vitamin C, when it gets to its absorption in our body.
Lack of vitamin C makes the absorption of collagen significantly weaker. Your options are to take collagen powder in the morning, chew a lemon, eat a kiwi, bite a piece of broccoli, crunch on a Brussel sprout or blend all this together into a (delicious?) smoothie. Alternatively, you can simply choose a dietary supplement with collagen that already contains vitamin C. Thus you do not have to constantly worry about whether your diet contains enough vitamin C.
It is commonly known that approximately 30 minutes after ingesting a vitamin C enriched meal, the body produces about six times more collagen than usual. Amino acids glycine and proline (collagen is very rich with both of them), with the help of vitamin C and zinc trace elements, together form a firm tissue interwoven with elastin fibers.
If we supply the body with enough nutrients, especially vitamin C, our skin will be firmer, smoother and more elastic. To summarize: vitamin C kicks ass!

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