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“You all know that I’ve started taking @collagenshotme every morning. It’s been around 25 days already (I’ve started the second bottle) and here is what I’ve noticed:

1. Excessive energy and great mood even on “those days” of the month 😜

2. My skin is more toned. You all know that I suffer from skin dryness and therefore I shower in skin moisturizers 😂 I’ve noticed that these days I am not using moisturizers in the same quantity as before yet I am waking up with a good skin (no peeled off skin around my nose and eyes anymore).

I think it’s time for me to get more of these bottles 😜 “


“Having a good morning routine is so essential for me because it sets the pace for my day ahead. This is what my mornings look like:

Collagen shot to keep my skin hydrated and glowing @collagenshotme

Grattitude List

Quick full body stretch and intention setting

Green juice

Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. As we age the body’s own production of collagen decreases causing dehydration and wrinkles. Wrinkles is my biggest fear 😅 so i try to maintain supple skin by taking collagen supplements. “

Collagen Shot - Skin Care Liquid

skin care

Collagen Shot - Wrinkles Solution Drink

anti wrinkle

Collagen Shot - Keeps well being & healthy

well being

Collagen Shot helps in Joints pain

pain free joint

Collagen Shot - Makes Hair Stronger & Healthier

hair care

Collagen Shot - Make Nails Healthy & Longer

healthy nails

Collagen Shot - Makes Bone Stronger


Collagen Shot improves Digestion system

improved digestion

Collagen Shot Premium

Collagen Shot Premium contains ingredients like fish collagen, MSM, hyaluronic acid, vitamins (C, E, B6, Biotin) and mineral zinc. They will naturally restore and improve your body’s vitality, improve your overall well-being, and make you feel rejuvenated. With regular consumption of Collagen Shot Premium, your body’s collagen production process will increase, resulting in improved hydration and elasticity of the skin, anti-wrinkles, shiny hair, stronger nails, flexible joints, strong bones, better digestion and well-being.

Collagen is an integral part of our skin, hair, nails and articular cartilage. Its production in the body begins to slow down after the age of 25 and falls by about 1.5% each year. Collagen can be taken through a specific diet or by using dietary supplements.



They have a synergistic effect when combined, by increasing MSM’s absorption. MSM is a mineral that stimulates natural collagen formation. This combination, along with added collagen, is responsible for firmer, more elastic skin, as well as healthy and shiny hair, flexible joints, and stronger nails.


Drink 25 ml in the morning on an empty stomach. A single shot daily contains 5 g of collagen, 1.5 g of MSM, and all the vitamins and minerals needed to stimulate collagen production. Mix your shot with water and squeezed lemon or orange, for an even better taste.


It is a water-based product, not heavy to drink it, and no need to mix it with other drinks. All ingredients are in liquid form, for better and faster absorption.