Our Story

Hello, I’m Sabina…

As a curious personality, I was always driven to challenges; the bigger they were – the more I was interested in trying them out!

That’s why my business journeys in past years were mainly towards expanding beyond my ‘frames.’ I’m a risk-taker; at this point that for the past few years, my biggest personal challenges were towards innovations, innovative products, solutions, etc.

That’s how I met Anja, the brand Gaia Naturelle owner. And from that day on, all has changed. She supplied me with Collagen Shot, and I started to drink it daily. Until then, I never believed in the power of supplements; I did occasionally take some vitamin C or multivitamins, but that I would even expect any kind of changes, never! Until all has changed!!! Literally!!! Soon after the first month of Collagen Shot, I noticed radical changes on my skin. It has become more radiant, toned, smooth, hydrated, wow – was impressed!

After a year of my daily routine, I can say, I’m feeling like a ‘flower,’ I feel my body functions as never before, I don’t get sick at all, and my energy level, ugh – feel like I could move mountains!

Today, after a year of my business venture with Gaia Naturelle, after understanding nutrition way better on how the body should be healed and cured from inside – I’m more than happy and proud – when we get feedback from our dear customers on how they see an improvement with them as well!! It makes all effort and sacrifices paid off!

Still way more to do and achieve.

Enjoy the experience with our products; your satisfaction is my happiness.

“Cheers” to health and well being.