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NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C is liable for and maintains the website, www.collagenshotme.com. The following information is the terms that govern the usage of the website. By using www.collagenshotme.com, users agree to adhere to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy provided. Users are bound by these terms and permitted to follow the Terms of Use and applicable laws and regulations, all of which govern the use of the website. Please refer back to this page as NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C has the right to change it at any given time upon posting it on the website. It is recommended to check the website’s policy pages periodically or as we notify users of updates regarding the Terms of Use when we add information to it or change it. By violating the Terms of Use, NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C may terminate your current use and future use of www.collagenshotme.com. NEXTCOS8 is also permitted to take legal action against users that violate the website’s Terms of Use.


As a respective user of www.collagenshotme.com, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to use and access the website following the requirements and restrictions provided in the Terms of Use. NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C will be allowed to adjust, suspend, or discontinue the preferences on our website at any given time. As the sole and primary entity that owns and maintains www.collagenshotme.com, NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C may impose limits on features or services, and restrict user access to the entire website. As a result, a user will be restricted to access our website.  Users will have no rights to any documentation or proprietary software, if any, provided to access www.collagenshotme.com, apart from that which is provided in the Terms of Use. Users will have no right to own, use, sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, assigns, copy, translate, modify adapt, improve, or recreate any form of work, display, perform, or exploit www.collagenshotme.com, nor any of its contents, including software, in either whole or in parts, directly or indirectly.


Since the United Arab Emirates is a country of Domicile, and NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C operates from the United Arab Emirates, we have full control over www.collagenshotme.com. NEXTCOS8 TRADING L.L.C does not support the notion that www.collagenshotme.com is appropriate for use in locations globally. By making use of this site or purchasing products we sell, you are responsible for complying to our local laws, which means you are not permitted to use, export, or re-export the products or materials sold on this website in violation of applicable laws or regulations, including, but not limited to export laws and regulation in the United Arab Emirates.


The use of www.collagenshotme.com shall be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates, regardless of the conflict of law principles. Any disputes that arise shall be heard and addressed only by a designated court of competence regarding the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates.


The displayed price and currency selected by you or based on your region will remain the same price and currency charged to your Debit or Credit card, and printed on your order transaction receipt.


NEXTCOS8 L.L.C accepts all payments from either Visa or Mastercard, including debit and credit cards in AED for products sold by www.collagenshotme.com. Any online purchases from this website fall under the terms and conditions of respective merchant service providers. Before making any product purchases, please review our Purchase, Refund, and Cancellation Policy for your reference to any questions you may have with regards to product purchases on our website.


The Terms of Use includes all other written and oral communications or agreements with regards to the subject matters discussed within the Terms of Use. Any waiver or adjustments made to these Terms of Use will only be effective once made in writing and signed by one of the authorized officers of NEXTCOS8 L.L.C. All refunds are to be made onto the original mode of payment. For more information regarding refunds on product purchases, please refer to our Purchase, Refund, and Cancellation Policy.


NEXTCOS8 L.L.C will not sell or trade products to individuals and entities owned or controlled by OFAC targeted countries, and individuals groups, and entities, including terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs related to OFAC that are not country-specific.


By visiting www.collagenshotme.com, you represent, warrant, and covenant that you are a) Above 18-years old and b) All materials submitted by you to NEXTCOS8 L.L.C through our website or for the inclusion of our website will not be plagiarized, violated, or infringed upon the rights of third-party entities, including trade secret, trademark, copyright, trade dress, privacy, patent, and other personal or proprietary rights. Any customer that is a minor (under the age of 18-years old), are not permitted to register as a user of www.collagenshotme.com, nor make any product purchases on the website.


As a user of www.collagenshotme.com, you agree that you are only authorized to visit, view products, and retain a copy of pages to our website for your own personal use, and that you shall not duplicate, download, publish, modify, or distribute the materials published on our website for any purposes other than personal use in accordance to our Terms of Use. With this agreement, you also agree not to deep-link to www.collagenshotme.com for any other purpose, unless authorized by NEXTCOS8 L.L.C to do so. All of the content and software on this website are owned by NEXTCOS8 L.L.C. Any cardholder of this website is permitted to retain a copy of his/ her transaction records and Merchant policies and rules to ensure the lawful usage of information on www.collagenshotme.com


By using www.collagenshotme.com, you take full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account details, including your password. You also agree to restrict access to your account from any device and agree to accept full responsibility for any activities that take place under your account username and password. www.collagenshotme.com will not be held responsible or liable in any way for the potential loss or damages incurred because of, or in connection with, your failure to comply with our Terms of Use, directly or indirectly.


www.collagenshotme.com may not be used by users for commercial purposes, including the conduct of sales of merchandise or any kind of service. For commercial use purposes, you must obtain NEXTCOS8 L.L.C’s prior written consent to make any commercial offers on www.collagenshotme.com, including advertising, solicitations, links, and other forms of communication. NEXTCO8 L.L.C will investigate and take legal action against any users who violate this provision, including without limitation, remove potentially offensive communication, and ban such violations from www.collagenshotme.com.


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NEXTCOS8 L.L.C is permitted to terminate any privileges of users that use www.collagenshotme.com with the purpose to unlawfully transmit copyrighted material without the necessary license, expressed consent, valid defense, or the fair use of the exemption to act accordingly. By submitting any information to www.collagenshotme.com, you accept the content shared by you, along with the consequences in the case of infringement of copyrights or other third-party rights.


NEXTCOS8 L.L.C is not responsible for the content, quality, or accuracy of any data provided by its users, compilations of related data, text, information, nor other materials made available to users through NEXTCOS8 L.L.C’s system. Any online materials on www.collagenshotme.com are owned by NEXTCOS8 L.L.C and are considered the intellectual property of the company. All online materials are thus, protected by the U.S. and international intellectual property laws. Therefore, online materials may not be copied, nor redistributed in whole or in parts without any prior written consent of NEXTCOS8 L.L.C, except as expressly and particularly permitted under the given Terms of Use.

All online materials are and will continue to remain the exclusive property of NEXTCOS8 L.L.C. All rights, interests, and titles both in and to will be and remain vested in the company. Under no circumstances whatsoever will you have a right, directly or indirectly, to own, use, copy, loan, sell, lease, rent, license, sublicense, redistribute, assign, or convey the online materials, nor any rights thereof, except as expressly and specifically provided within the Terms of Use. No information displayed in the Terms of Use will permit users the right, interest, or title, apart from a license with the expressed rights and subject to any limitations herein. Apart from that, no information in the Terms of Use allows you the rights, either directly or indirectly, to make use of online materials to create a product for the resale, or use the online materials on our website, to compete with NEXTCOS8 L.L.C in any manner.

Herewith, you acknowledge these terms and agree that NEXTCOS8 L.L.C will own all rights, interests, and titles, in and to any translation, copy, alteration, adaption, derivative work, or improvement of online materials made by or for you. As per our company request, you must execute, or obtain the rights to execute any instrument in our company that is potentially necessary to assign these rights, interests, or titles to NEXTOCOS8 L.L.C or perfect these rights, interests, or titles in NEXTCOS8 L.L.C’s name.


NEXTCOS8 L.L.C makes no warranty or any kind of representation to either express or implicate, including but not limited, to the warranty of title or non-infringement, or implied warranty of merchantability, fitness accuracy, validity, reliability, or content of these pages, and/ or www.collagenshotme.com. Additionally, our company does not make or support any representation or warranty in relation to the accuracy or reliability of advice, statements, opinions, or accept any liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, lost profits, or for business interruption arising from the use of, or inability to use www.collagenshotme.com. The same terms and conditions apply for the case that the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Due to some jurisdictions that do not allow for the exclusion of particular warranties or limitations of liability, the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The liability of NEXTCOS8 L.L.C would in such case, be limited to the greatest extent of liability by law.


Users understand and agree that in NEXTCOS8 L.L.C’s sole discretion, and without prior notice, the company is eligible to terminate access to www.collagenshotme.com, or to exercise other remedies made available and to remove any unauthorized user information, should the company believe that the information provided has violated or is inconsistent with the Terms of Use. The same accounts for the violation of rights of NEXTCOS8 L.L.C, or any other third-party, or violations of the law. With this agreement, you consent to injunctive or other equitable relief for applicable violations. The company is permitted to release user information about www.collagenshotme.com users if required to do so by law or subpoena.


As a user of www.collagenshotme.com, you agree to indemnify and hold NEXTCOS8 L.L.C, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, partners, and employees, safeguarded against potential losses, claims, liabilities, demands, including reasonable attorney fees that are made by third parties due to, arising out of, or relating to your use of www.collagenshotme.com. This includes the use of our website with the provision of a link to other websites, or any uploaded content and information to the website, and the potential breach of the Terms of Use.


By providing material to NEXTCOS8 L.L.C, including submitting or uploading materials and/ or content for use on the website you represent and allow that either you or the owner of the rights to such materials or content has granted the NEXTCOS8 L.L.C the global right in all languages and in perpetuity to use and exploit all information or any part of the materials and content provided by you. NEXTCOS8 is permitted to publish and distribute such submitted materials or content at its sole discretion by any existing or future developed method. Herein, you agree to waive all claims and have no recourse against our company for any alleged or cases of infringement or misappropriation of any proprietary rights in any communication, material, or content submitted to NEXTCOS8 L.L.C. Any communication or materials sent to us will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, and may be disseminated or used by us for any purpose, including but unlimited to, developing, creating manufacturing, or marketing products.


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Should any provision of the Terms of Use is found invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will, nevertheless, continue in full force and effect.